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For 2017, our Women Power PAC made contributions to 11 candidates who ran for office in the 2017 General Election: 

  • Joan Carbonaro, Dutchess County Legislator (District 11)  

  • Lisa Paoloni, County Legislature District 14 - Wappinger Falls

  • Janet Southerland, County Legislature District 2

  • Linda Murray, NYS Supreme Court

  • Deidre Houston. Dutchess County Legislator, District 25

  • Cathy Stegenga, Orange County Legislator - District 11

  • Katie Bonelli, Orange County Legislator, District #5

The NYSFRW’s Women Power PAC will not be accepting applications again until after the 2020 Primary Elections.  At that time eligible individuals will be those individuals who are running for office in the General Election in November 2020:

  • Any Republican woman candidate selected by primary or electoral process, running races on the NYS or local level may apply using the following guidelines set up by the PAC Committee.

  • Applicants must submit:

    • a resume

    • concise background information of the position they are seeking

    • a campaign organization and plan

  • Applicants must be available for interview by the committee, if necessary.

  • Candidates should have some endorsements, funding and a realistic chance of winning.

All information must be received by October 16, 2020.


Aid is limited to available funds. Priority is given to state races or highly contested district or local races. Selection is determined on an individual basis by the committee and presented to the Executive Board of the NYSFRW.   Due to Election Laws, Congressional or US Senate Races will not be considered.

If the above criteria are met, please email your request by October 16, 2020 to:

Promoting the effectiveness of women in good government is a major objective of the NYSFRW and the Women Power PAC.  If you would like to help support our candidates by contributing to our PAC funds, please click here for a PAC contribution form.

Please contact us directly with questions regarding the PAC submissions.  

PAC Chair

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